Temporary Construction Barriers: What They Are And Why You Need Them

Updating the interior of your office building is important for keeping your business attractive and professional-looking. However, closing your business to make renovations is not always possible. Having temporary construction barriers in place will make it possible for you to continue business as usual while keeping your employees and clients safe.

Why you need an interior construction barrier

Even small renovation projects can generate large amounts of dust, debris, and, at times, unpleasant odors. This creates an unsafe environment for your employees and clients. Construction projects also produce noise, which can be distracting for workers and may make it difficult to conduct normal business.

An interior construction barrier creates a temporary wall and ceiling between your business area and the construction site. This barrier will block unsafe particles from infiltrating your workspace and can also reduce noise and distractions.

Ceiling barriers

Ceiling barriers are installed prior to the start of a renovation project and are one of the most important types of barriers. Suspended ceilings are created using plastic sheets that are durable and can block debris. These barriers are especially vital when doing ceiling work, such as installing a new lighting system, making roof repairs, etc. 

Wall barriers

Interior floor-to-ceiling walls are created using a poly-engineered film to create a temporary wall between the construction area and the office space. These frameless floor-to-ceiling walls act as a shield to keep dust and debris from entering the work area. They also help to block out annoying construction noise. 

Special considerations

Your interior construction barrier crew will be equipped to manage any distinct challenges that are common in remodeling projects. Your contractor will analyze your project and address any challenges present. For instance, you may need to access multiple rooms during the project that require the addition of zippered doorways in the temporary walls.

Cleaning services prior to barrier removal  

Specialized cleaning is vital at the completion of a renovation project. This cleaning will take place during the takedown of the temporary barrier to keep any dust and debris from raining down into your office building. This specialized cleaning is done using HEPA vacuums and other tools to assure your newly designed work area is free of unhealthy debris and dust.

Hiring a contractor to set up a temporary construction barrier is important when you need to make improvements to the interior of your office building or business. A construction barrier will keep your office up and running throughout the project and your employees and clients will be safe and protected.

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