3 Tips for Creating an Awesome Lighting Design for Your Home Office

A well-designed home office will promote two important qualities—functionality and productivity. However, it is most important to understand that these qualities do not just magically appear, you have to design a space that promotes them. A sometimes overlooked, yet essential, part of such a design is the right type of lighting. Discover some lightning design tips that you want to include in your home office design. 

Let Your Work Be the Guide

Office lighting should never be based on what looks good in the room. It should entirely be based on what type of work you plan to do in the space. The reason this element is so important is that different types of tasks call for specific lighting needs. For example, in a computer workspace, it is best to rely on low-light fixtures. You do not want a bright fixture, as these types of lights can cause a glare. A glare would make you strain to see the images on the screen, which is never good for productivity or your eye health.  

Think About Furniture Placement

It is very important to think about where you plan to install the furniture in the room, particularly the desk. Consider someone who spends most of the time in their office reviewing paper documents, for instance. A bright light fixture installed directly overtop the desk would likely create a shadow. The shadow would create dark spots on the paper documents, which would make them harder to read. A light fixture off-center from the desk would still provide the right amount illumination, but without the risk of creating a shadow.

Remember That Too Much Light Is a Problem

Too much of a good thing can be bad, even when it comes to lighting. Typically, home offices are one of the smaller spaces in a home, so you do not need to add as many lights to the room as you might a larger room in your home. Too much light in a space can heighten your stress and anxiety sensors. As a result, instead of feeling focused, you may feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. You want to go with ample, but less light to create a calmer environment that will keep you more productive.

While it is great to keep these ideas in mind as you design your space, it is also a good idea to partner with companies like Lightstyles Design that can provide you with even more information. Make sure you do not hesitate to seek help from a design professional to create an awesome space.

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