How to Choose the Right Wall Mural for Your Home

Wall murals are taking off in the home interior design world. You no longer have to have someone come in and paint a mural on your wall. You can purchase works of art that you can adhere to your well. Modern home wall murals are kind of like giant stickers that go on your wall that were created by talented artists. A wall mural can really transform and bring your home together.

Get Some Inspiration

Before you choose a wall mural for your home, it can be helpful to have an idea of all the different murals you can choose from. Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas, as it is a visual search engine. You can also look up wall murals on a regular search engine; just click on the image tab so that you can see all the images that your search pulls up. Look through the different wall murals and create a list of your favorites that inspire you and that you enjoy looking at. This is one of the best places to start.

Think About Colors

Once you have an idea of some of the options that are out there, it is time to start thinking about specifics. Look around the space where you want to put the wall mural and observe the colors you have used to decorate the space with so far. Determine if you want to continue to use the same type of colors in the space, or if you want to go with different colors. Ideally, you want the colors on the wall mural to accent and work with the overall tone of the room, from the flooring to the furniture in the room.

Get a Sample

If you want to put up a large-scale wall mural that will cover up an entire wall in your home, see if you can get a smaller sample size. Getting a smaller sample size will allow out to make sure that the colors look like they do online. You will be able to see if the colors really work with the space.

Make Sure It's Removable

When you choose a wall mural, make sure that it is removable. You want a wall mural that is easy to put up, and easy to take down. Some wall murals are even designed to be reusable. Even if you own a home, and are not renting the home, using a removable wall mural will save you from the hassle that comes with removing permanent adhesive from your walls if or when you want to take the mural down.

A wall mural is a great way to personalize your space. Look online for inspiration, thinking about what colors will work the best with your overall design, get a small sample, and make sure the mural is made from removable materials and doesn't require permanent adhesion. Contact companies like Iron Spirits to start creating a wall mural design today.

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