How To Paint And Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodel is a big decision that can often cost you and your family a lot in terms of money and time, but there are some simple methods you can take to give your kitchen a fresh look and a new feel that won't cost much. Your kitchen cabinets form a large part of what you see when you enter the room, and giving them a makeover can drastically recreate your kitchen space. Here are the steps to painting and refreshing your kitchen cabinets. 

Get your materials ready

To begin, you'll need to tape off any surfaces that you don't want painted with masking tape and lay down some plastic tarp over your kitchen counters and floors. 

Use a paint that has a semi-gloss or high gloss finish to make your cabinets shine. You'll also be replacing the cabinet holders, so choose the ones you think will look best. If your cabinets have mounting brackets that are visible, then consider changing those to match your handles. These are very simple to replace and can add a nice touch to the cabinets. Additionally, you'll need some plastic sheets, a paint brush, a paint roller and a paint tray to make rolling convenient.

Remove the doors and paint

Start by removing the kitchen cabinet doors one by one and moving them to another space like your garage. Mix your paint thoroughly as recommended by the manufacturer and pour some paint into your paint tray. Be sure to remove any handles, knobs and mounting brackets before beginning this process. 

Start by painting the door on the back side so if you make any small mistakes that can't be repaired, at least they are on the back and won't be too visible. You just need a few layers of paint to give a professional look and a proper shine. Be sure to work carefully with any elements like cracks or decorations so that the paint doesn't puddle. Give the doors plenty of time to dry before turning them over and repeating the process on the front sides. While the doors are drying, start working on the cabinet surfaces in the kitchen using the same technique.

Install the cabinets and replace knobs & brackets

When the paint is completely dry, replace the handles or knobs with the new ones you've chosen. Additionally, if you're changing the mounting brackets, then this is the time to replace those too. Simply unscrew them and replace using the appropriate screwdriver. 

When your doors are back in the kitchen, simply screw them back on to your cabinets using your screwdriver. Install some small rubber pads on the backs of your doors to avoid the curing paint from sticking to the cabinets. 

For more information, contact Kitchen & Bath Innovations or a similar company.

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