Tips To Increase Space In Your Closet

Create a custom bedroom closet and increase storage space with the following tips. When you are looking for a particular item in the future, it will be easy to find it once you have finished making the changes.

Install A Second Rod

A second rod will increase the amount of space that you have to hang clothing. This type of rod has special hangers connected to it that can be attached to an existing rod. Rods come in several lengths and thicknesses and are made out of durable materials that will support the weight of large amounts of clothing. Install a rod that covers the width of your closet or choose one that is shorter in length to add storage space to one side of your closet. Rods are adjustable and can be moved to a lower or higher position with a standard screwdriver.

Set Up A Small Hutch 

Small items can give your closet a cluttered appearance and they can easily be misplaced. Set up a small hutch with drawers inside of your closet to store a variety of small items. If you do not already own a piece of furniture like this, purchase an inexpensive one from a discount furniture store or second hand shop.

Place important papers, keys, phones, and clothing accessories inside of the hutch's drawers. After you get into the habit of using the hutch, placing your belongings inside of it will become second nature and you will not have to worry about losing necessities that you use on a regular basis.

Add Some Self Sticking Shelves Or A Corner Unit

Self sticking shelves are perfect to use if you are renting your home and don't want to install screws in the walls or if you are unsure about making permanent changes to the closet. Remove the adhesive backing from each shelf and press the sticky surface firmly against part of the wall inside of your closet. Use a measuring tape to assist with keeping each shelf straight.

Corner shelf units are an option to consider if you have a large book collection or many items that you would like to place in an organized area. Corner units contain several tiers, and many models are designed to be compact so that they will fit inside of a small space. Some corner units have wheels on the bottom of them, making them easy to move if you decide to set them up in another area in the future.

After you try out these tips, you may find that it is easier for you to keep the closet clean and find items quicker than you did in the past.

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